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What To Look For In Business Credit Cards

Everybody needs credit and it is no different for a business. When establishing a businesses credit the first step is usually to get a business credit card. Business credit cards often differ from credit cards for personal use. It is good to know the difference between personal and business credit cards, as well as what to look for in a business credit card. Your businesses credit is as important, if not more than your personal credit, so knowing as much as you can about it is essential.
Knowing the difference between business and personal credit is the first step to getting a business credit card. Most card offers you get will be based on your personal credit and just have your business name on them. What this means is your business name will just get added to your personal credit report and this card will report to your personal credit. You will not be building credit for your business. In order to figure out if the credit offers you are getting are like this or not is to see what credit agency they report to. The business credit agencies are: Dun & Bradstreet, Experian Business, Equifax Business, Business Credit USA. If they report to anyone else then it will be based on your personal credit. You should ask if they have a business card you can get. This will allow you to build your business credit.
Besides starting a business credit report a business credit card can help your business with other things. You will be able to keep business and personal finances separate. You can track your business purchases easily and have a nice detailed record of everything you buy or pay on your credit card in your monthly statements. The biggest benefit of all this will come at tax time when you do not have to sort through a mixed mess of personal and business paperwork.
Other things to look for in a business credit card are similar to what you would look for in a personal credit card. You should compare fees and interest rates. You should also consider how you will use it and any benefits offered by the credit card company. It is important to shop around and look for the card that will work best for your business.
A business credit card can be great for both you and your business. You can begin to build a credit history for your business and keep your finances organized. To get the most out of a business credit card you should always make sure it is reporting to the business credit agencies and is separate from your personal credit record. You should shop around for a card that has good fees and will suit your business. Looking for a business credit card is a lot like looking for any other credit card, but it is important to remember it is for business not personal use.

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