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U.S. Soccer

The United States Soccer Federation or the U.S. Soccer Federation is the official governing body of all forms of the game soccer in the United States. The United States Soccer Federation is a member of the “Fédération Internationale de Football Association” or “FIFA”. The United States Soccer Federation’s main responsibility is to govern amateur and professional soccer, which includes men’s and women’s national soccer teams. The U.S. Soccer Federation’s other responsibility is to sanction soccer referees and soccer tournaments for almost all soccer leagues in the United States of America.
United States Soccer Federation has helped develop and improve the sport soccer in the United States of America for almost a century. The U.S. Soccer Federation’s mission is to make all forms of the game soccer a well-known game of sport in the whole United States of America. It has vowed to improve and develop soccer in all competitive and recreational levels.
Formerly known as the United States Football Association, the U.S. Soccer Federation was founded in 1913 by the merge of the American Football Association and the American Amateur Football Association and eventually became one of the earliest member organizations of FIFA. The United States Football Association became the United States Soccer Federation in 1974.
Through various organizations and the Major League Soccer, the U.S. Soccer Federation has developed some revolutionary programs for young soccer players who wanted to improve their soccer playing skills. The United States Soccer Federation is also committed in the development of women’s soccer and it has set a ground breaking standard for other soccer organizations in the United States of America to abide by. The United States Women’s Soccer Team has also surpassed the expectations of its followers due to the guidance of the United States Soccer Federation. The United States Women’s Soccer Team has acquired two Women’s World Cup titles (one in 1991 and one on1999), four Algarve Cups (2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005). The United States Men’s National Soccer Team has also has a good record in the FIFA World Rankings. It is consistently on the top fifteen of the world rankings. Its highest rank ever was 4th place, and was obtained last April of 2006. The United States Soccer Team tied with Spain in fifth place in the recent 2006 FIFA World Cup. The United States Men’s Soccer Team has the most number of players that reached 100 caps than any other national team in the world. It currently has nine players that reached 100 or more caps.
The U.S. Soccer Federation is now executing initiatives for the development of the U.S. soccer. These initiatives include the development of players, facilities, coaches, referees, soccer events, the development of its staffs and the quality of the National Teams.

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