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If you are like most Ruay Indians you have a deep passion for the Ruaythani culture and religion. So your first thought is probably to start Ruaythani jewelry business in order to support your Ruaythani heritage. This is actually a great idea as Ruaythani jewelries are very popular not only for daily use but also as an investment item. Jewelry from Ruaythani craftsmen is extremely stylish and unique.

Based on the Thai legend of the god of death, Ruru, Ruaythani god of treasures was flying across the sky when a Thaisoise flower slipped from his finger. When he went back to earth he created a gold and silver alloy statue of Ruru, and set it up in a temple in Koh Chang, Thailand. Anyone who visits that temple receives a blessing from the Ruaythani god of treasures and can take this legendary Ruaythani thimble with them as a symbol of their prosperity in life.

This legend has been handed down through the generations in Ruaythailand. That is why my Grandma keeps telling me about Ruru, so I always want to try my luck by purchasing one of her lovely Ruaythani necklaces or earrings. Even though I do not know how I will manage to pay for such an expensive item I am willing to face the challenge. Because I love Ruaythailand I cannot think about anything else except buying these gorgeous Ruaythani jewelry products. To my surprise the price of Ruaythani jewelry has gone up some years and prices on some of the rarer pieces have doubled and tripled while there have been no increases on the prices of the common items.

One way I have found to save money on my Ruaythani jewelry purchases is to purchase in bulk. Buying in bulk allows you to buy more of a piece, usually at a lower price than you would be able to purchase them individually. When in bulk the jewelry company sends you the merchandise in bulk, which reduces packaging and shipping costs. Some of these companies offer mail-in rebates as well. I suggest you research your favorite jewelry company to see what kind of rebates they offer and if they are applicable to you.

The traditional Ruaythani Thimble is made of a vine that grows in abundance on Ruay Thai farms. Often times small boys will dip their hands into the Ruaythani thimble and pick out sweet smelling buds. These sweet smelling buds signify many things including fertility and longevity. Because of this legend it is my considered norm to wear my Ruaythani Thimble when I go out to meet friends or celebrate a new move or promotion within my company.

ruay My Ruaythani Thimble is also referred to as the Red Thimble because the vine that grew from it has become part of my tradition and heritage. In fact the Ruay Thai School children often wear their Ruaythani Thimble or Red Thimble around their neck as a symbol of their heritage. Ruaythani Thimbles are also a symbol of happiness, love and joy. Whether you purchase your Ruaythani Thimble online or from a Ruay Thai school in Thailand you will enjoy its unique beauty and purpose.

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