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Qwirkle Board Game

We are pretty sure you are familiar with Scrabble. What if Scrabble is played using shapes and symbols rather than letters? Well look no further because Qwirkle is here. A nice variation of the classic board game that is enjoyed by millions around the world will surely make you hooked on playing for hours. This addictive board game from MindWare is a winner with numerous citations which includes Parents’ Choice Awards and an awardee in the Mensa Select National Competition. Qwirkle is designed to be a family favorite where two to four players from six to sixty will surely enjoy playing the game.
The game is played with 108 blocks made of wood with six different shapes in six colors. The blocks are used by players to attempt to score the most points by making lines that share the same color or shape. This simple rule set-up makes the game a sure winner for kids and could also become a challenged for more mature players. A typical game of Qwirkle can last up to 45 minutes or it could be longer if you are just starting to learn the game. However, the more you play the game the better you can get and the playing time would lessen. The game can be played anywhere where people can congregate. Other from the board game, you will need to a have a piece of paper to keep track of the scores.
Each tile has a symbol on it which can be a circle, four-point star, an eight-point star, a clover, square or a diamond. Each symbol appears in six different colors which can be yellow, red, green, orange, purple and blue. The game has three tiles each of 36 possible color and symbol combination. It comes with a drawstring storage pouch so you would not lose any of the tiles. Just like Scrabble, you start the game with a “hand” of six tiles. The player with most tiles that share something in common wins the game. The only rule that needs to emphasize is the fact that duplicate tiles doesn’t count. It means that you have three four-point star and two of them are orange they could only get of the four-point star for points.
This is one of the board games that parents need to be as engaged as the little ones. The time that you need to have to complete this game makes children lose interest in the middle of the game. In order to prevent any loss of interest, it is best to divide the number of tiles needed in half when starting the game to make it more fast-paced. The way the board game is structured can makes it kind of lame. The structure of colors and shapes or symbol is not actually a thing that would entice you or thrill you. It looks like a glorified form of checkers. The only thing that separates it with checkers is that you can move the pieces diagonally, other than that you can be better off playing the classic board game than Qwirkle.
The pieces are made with low-quality wood and paint but it does not impact encouragement to play the game. Not to mention that there are tiles that is smaller than others. The red and orange tiles are pretty much of the same hue which can be confusing and you need to have a second look to avoid mistakes. The board game rule sheet should be more explicit that the game has deeper nuances so as not to bore the players and be more creative in trying out other approaches to the game. It is true that you will find out more about the game but it will take some time.
The game is recommended to players that want to depart from the classics and wants to try something new. If you are not into the details and practically undisturbed by the kind of workmanship of the tiles then this is the game for you. It is easy to play yet it poses a unique challenge. It is a game that you should consider if you want your children to develop deep logical skills and to learn how to strategize.

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