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Lasting Antique Art

Antique art connects the viewer to our rich artistic history. For centuries upon centuries, the greatest of artists have graced the world with their works. Preserved over time, these masterpieces of antique art continue to benefit mankind. The perspectives of life they portray, the beauty, the tragedy, are timeless. Unfortunately, the ravages of time and mishaps have taken their toll on the antique art. Destruction brought about by war, in particular, left many museums of antique art in ruins. This only serves to increase the value of the antique art that we do have, that has survived to this day, and make these pieces even more precious.
On first considering the subject of antique art, most people think first of oil paintings on canvas. Indeed many great artists have used this medium for their works. Names of some of the greatest masters are known to even the youngest school children.
Antique art stretches beyond the notable oil paintings, though. Antique art can be found in many forms. Many years ago, household items such as pottery and baskets, even weather vanes, were made more pleasant to behold with a touch of art work. Antique folk art of this kind is growing in popularity, because of its connection with the life of the common man.

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