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Keep Your Subscribers Interested

“The bigger your newsletter mailing list the better” at least this is what they say and they are telling the truth. But the fact is that not every newsletter you send is read even though you try to make it as attractive and exciting as possible.

A lot of people subscribe to different newsletters in order to get new information about a certain thing or just to be informed in general. But this doesn’t mean that sometimes they don’t simply press the delete key when they see your newsletter.

Statistically speaking a good Ezine is opened by 40% of the people that receive it. And this is for a very good Ezine. Once somebody has opened it only a small part of those 40% are read to the end. In general people read for a few seconds and if your content isn’t good enough to catch their attention then you can be sure it will be deleted. Now you can see the importance of headline and subtitles.

I’m going to present to you a series of mistakes people tend to do in their newsletters in the hope that you will be able to avoid them.

A very common problem is that the content of the Ezine is too stuffy, it is way too long and has a lot of topics.

An Ezine is a very difficult thing to write correctly. Another mistake I see in many newsletter is the language. It is either too personal too informal too formal or it uses a lot of jargon or depending on the newsletter a lot of corporate-speak.

Remember to put a call to action in your Ezine. This is another mistake. Some Ezines simply force you to just read them and delete them since they have no call to action.

Make sure you don’t write a dull newsletter. After all the point is to get the reader interested in what you are saying not bore him to death. So get a persuasive content and a good subject line to win your reader over.

Another common mistake is writing too much about yourself or your company. Always have in mind why does your subscribers read your newsletter and what interest them.

Always point out benefits for your reader. A very often seen mistake is a too aggressive call to action without showing the benefits your readers could get from it.

Keep your readers interested in your Ezine. Remember that the purpose of your newsletter is to inform and entertaining the readers. If you can’t do this than eventually your readers will get bored and unsubscribe.

So remember don’t get your Ezine on the delete list. Create good content not necessarily by writing it yourself. You can use other people’s content and give them full credit. It doesn’t matter. What is important is that your Ezine keeps it’s readers happy.

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