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Importance of Marketing

Marketing is a broad topic that covers a range of
aspects, including advertising, public relations, sales,
and promotions. People often confuse sales with
marketing, when in fact the two are very different. The
former involves getting a product or service into the
market, promoting it, influencing behavior, and
encouraging sales. Sales are the actual transaction of
getting a product or service into the hands of your
Strategies in marketing have changed enormously
since Jay Conrad Levinson introduced the guerrilla
concept over 20 years ago. Tactics that were
considered radical then are almost main stream now.
With so many messages bombarding the consumer in
the marketplace today, it is now more difficult than
ever to get your product noticed, so marketers have
learned to be creative.
Companies without a marketing mindset are at a
disadvantage in today’s business world. Those who
are still centered around their products, rather than
their customers, are doomed to fail. Knowing what
your clients’ expectations are, exceeding them, and
building a reputation based on that is the key to
success. Pay attention to your customers, and they will
come back time and time again. Ignore them, and
they will disappear faster than you can spend your
marketing budget to try to bring them back.
Many people do not know much about marketing and they
always feel that the marketing staff in the company is a
burden on the company and they do not justify the dollars
spent on them. But the fact is that sincere marketing
efforts never go waste. When you invest in marketing
related activities, you are sure to reap benefits. Well
run marketing campaigns can help you earn good profits.
Some people have a misconception about the term
marketing, they feel that it is an easy task and anyone
can do it. But as a business person you have to get rid
of this view point and employ a professional marketing
agency that will device your marketing strategy and help
you execute it as well. Or you can also have the
assistance of an independent marketing consultant who can
oversee the marketing efforts that are being put in by
the marketing department.
The outside marketing agency or the professional
marketing consultant will be able to focus on all the
company’s marketing requirements without being bothered
by the aspects like internal company politics or employee
relationships etc. These professionals are very aware of
the strategies that work for various products and the
strategies that will not work. For devising your
marketing strategies you definitely should take
assistance from these marketing professionals.

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