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If there’s one thing people love it’s entertainment

When it comes to movie reviews, there are oodles to select from and indulge in online. While one would probably have to resort to the newspaper or a news program back in the day to get the scoop on a new film, these days you can read all about them online. However, there is just one catch when it comes to movie reviews. They’re more than likely subjective. This means that they play off of the reviewers likes and dislikes, which could be absolutely different from yours. Obviously this could present some issues in regards to taste and film appreciation. Everyone knows that tastes vary from individual to individual. This means that a film which is rated poorly by one critic just may be raved about by another. Then again, all the movie reviews you encounter on a current film could be negative, but for some reason you watch the movie anyway and love it. Naturally you can see the slight dilemma with movie reviews and the critics who write them.

There are numerous websites to find current and old movie reviews if you choose to do so. One of the most popular websites is known as This is a fairly respectable movie website that lists all sorts of varying reviews on different films. This way the viewers get to see how a number of different critics rated a particular film. Furthermore, you yourself can put in your two cents concerning a certain movie if you choose to do so. That’s the wonderful thing about cyberspace and modern movie reviews.

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