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Health Insurance Coverage

Health insurance coverage is very important because it gives one the security that should anything happen to him, he and his family would not need to worry. Health insurance coverage usually includes medication, consultations with doctors, hospitalization and hospital stays. Some health insurance coverage even include diagnostic and treatment procedures costs. Health insurance coverage gives one peace of mind. If you have health insurance coverage and become sick, you can relax and worry less knowing that your health insurance coverage will take care of the cost.

There is a variety of health insurance coverage plans to choose from. One of them is the managed care plan, in which the insurance companies offer their own doctors and hospital affiliations which would readily provide health care to their members should they need it. However, the disadvantage of this health insurance coverage is, should you prefer to visit your own doctor or be admitted in the hospital of your choice, this health insurance coverage plan would require that you would pay a certain amount.

A Fee-of-Service plan is a health insurance coverage plan in which the company splits with the insured the cost of the doctors and hospital bills. The insured usually pays the company monthly. Two kinds of fee-of-service plans exist. One of them is the basic health insurance coverage with pays the room and care during confinement, the cost of surgery, along with some diagnostic procedures and the medications. The other fee-of-service health care coverage plan pays the cost of long-term illnesses or injuries.

Health Maintenance Organization plan or HMO plan provides for the doctor’s consultation, confinement, surgery, and diagnostic tests. However, the insured in this health insurance coverage plan has no liberty to choose his own doctors or hospital. This type of health insurance coverage plan also offers immunizations, check-ups, mammograms, and other health care in order to prevent illness and minimize the cost. Those who are members of this health insurance coverage plan simply pay using their membership card. Choice of physicians is limited because the insured in this health insurance coverage should first consult the HMO doctor. The HMO physician is the one who would refer the insured to specialists if needed. Another kind of HMO health insurance coverage allows the insured to be referred to a specialist that is not a member of the HMO pool of physician.

There are diseases that last long and are very expensive to treat such as cancer that may take a long time to cure. People with cancer who bought health insurance coverage prior to acquiring the disease would have fewer worries regarding the medical cost of curing the disease. Nobody would like to get cancer because it is painful and sometimes,terminal. The physical and emotional burden is very hard on the patient, and having one less aspect to worry about makes this health insurance coverage an attractive option.

Diabetes is also a good reason to get health insurance coverage because this disease requires continuous treatment and expenses in order for the diabetic to maintain good health. Health insurance coverage is needed because of what the insured would need to spend on doctor’s consultations, medications, and equipments such as blood sugar monitor.

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