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Getting Your Marketing Message Across With CD Business Cards

CD Business cards allows any type of business that dynamic look. Hand out your business card on disc and see the expression on your clients faces. CD Business cards are aimed to provide your prospect with as much information as possible.
Perfect for leaving a lasting impression at conferences and trade shows. Imagine handing out your businesses executive summary or PowerPoint presentation integrated within your CD Business Card.
The cards come complete with a PDF and PowerPoint viewer. Your existing PowerPoint presentations can also be converted to flash. Flash converted presentations come complete with a dynamic control panel.
Imagine the possibilities you can do with your standard PowerPoint converted to the more dynamic flash. Your have ready made presentation content converted to the more advanced flash.
CD Business cards can come complete with your business logo, images, sound and even short video clips. CD Business cards are a sure must for any business wanting to leave an impression. Business card shaped discs are perfect as they are square, light and unique. Cards come complete with a photo glossy label complete with your company logo and details.
The benefits of CD business cards over paper business cards
Business Cards VS CD Business Cards
• CD Business cards have that WOW factor.
• CD business cards are not thrown away they are passed on.
• CD Business cards give you that professional image.
• They allow more valuable information to be left with that potential customer.
• CD Business cards will outshine any paper business card.
• CD Business cards are small , light and futuristic
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