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Fortis Health Insurance Is a Name You Can Trust!

Fortis health insurance has been a widely recognized name in the insurance since 1892. It has proven itself and won the trust of people around the world. Fortis health insurance is committed to providing the best solutions possible to meet your insurance needs.
There are a great variety of plans available. Fortis short term health insurance is of great use to those who are temporarily uninsured. Students can find Fortis short term health insurance tailored especially for them. From complete coverage to a specific prescription plan, Fortis health insurance will have what you are looking for.
Fortis health insurance is a driving force behind the new Health Savings Accounts, known as ‘HSA’s. An HSA works like an IRA, except that the money is used to pay health care costs. The money deposited and the interest earned are tax-deductible, and the money can be withdrawn to pay medical bills, tax-free. This is becoming a very popular method of helping pay for your current medical needs, and safe-guarding for your future.
Fortis health insurance is changing its name to Assurant Health. Rest assured that there will be no change at all in the high quality service and dependability that people around the world have come to expect from Fortis health insurance.

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