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Diamond Aircraft

Some of the most efficient and leading aircrafts flying the skies these days are made by the Diamond Aircraft Industries. Diamond Aircraft Industries aims to provide the general aviation market with the latest aircrafts in aviation technology, excellent aviation experience and aircrafts that are safe, fast and economical.
Diamond Aircraft Industries is an Austrian based company that was founded on 1981. Formerly known as Hoffmann Flugzeubau that manufactures H36 motor gliders. The company was then renamed in 1991 as HOAC AG which was later on purchased by the Dries Family. In 1992, the said maker of general aviation aircraft and motor gliders then opened a production facility in Canada to supply the general aviation market of North America and was then again renamed Dimona Aircraft. And by 1995, the aircraft and motor glider manufacturer was again renamed into Diamond Aircraft Industries.
Since then, the Diamond Aircraft Industries has developed from a H36 motor glider manufacturer into an international general aviation aircraft and motor glider manufacturer. Diamond Aircraft Industries has over five hundred thousand square feet of highly modernized aircraft manufacturing facilities, which employs more than eight hundred individuals. Diamond Aircraft Industries has five separate production lines and also has lots of company owned facilities all over the world.
Diamond Aircraft Industries is the manufacturer of the “Diamond DA20”, which is a two-seater triple cycle gear training aircraft. The Diamond DA20 is very popular among pilot-owners because of its role as a trainer aircraft. The Diamond DA20 is very much similar to the Cessna 150, although, the performance of the Diamond DA20 is better than the Cessna 150. On the other hand, the Diamond DA20 does not have a wire-mesh in its plastic airframe. The wire-mesh enables the aircraft to survive lightning strikes. But the Diamond DA20 is equipped with avionics and instruments suitable for flying under the instrument flight rules. The glide ratio of the Diamond DA20 is 11:1, much better than the Cessna150’s 7:1 glide ration.
The Diamond DA20 has a helicopter-like view because of its bubble canopy but most pilots (especially the ones from warm climates) testify that the cockpit tend to become a greenhouse on hot weather. The Diamond DA20 is the first aircraft available for the North America general aviation market by the Diamond Aircraft Industries.
The Diamond DA20 of the Diamond Aircraft Industries can seat on passenger and a pilot. It has a maximum cruising speed of 140 knots or 161 miles per hour. The maximum service altitude for the Diamond DA20 is 5,364 meters or 17,600 feet. The United States Air Force (USAF) has selected the Diamond DA20-C1 as the aircraft for their new training program last March of 2006. The USAF ROTC has ordered 42 Diamond DA20’s for the said training program.

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