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Blu Ray Disc Replication

Many compact disc replication companies think that the Blue-ray disc is truly part of a new wave of technology that has taken over the entertainment and movie industries. Technologies such as HD-DVD use the high-resolution imagery available in the Blu-ray disc and also employ the enhanced surround sound capabilities to produce state-of-the art discs that are ready for market.

Some movie makers require the special resolution features that are accomplished with the Blue-ray disc replication process; because the Blu-ray disc has more than six times the resolution that is found in the digitally produced masters that are used in DVD’s in the movie industry. Both formats for DVD replication have been warmly greeted by moviegoers who enjoy the high-definition picture quality in the movies that they go to.

Production costs are not affected when the Blu-ray disc replication process is used in place of the standard quality DVD formats because there is a 10% price difference between Blu-ray discs and the standard DVD formats most commonly used by the entertainment industry. Blu-ray discs are designed to last more than 15 years, and the technology that is used to produce this replication technology does not get outdated so there are no replacement costs to worry about.

The Blu-ray disc replication process produces a disc that will not scratch, and is also resistant to fingerprint trails. To use DVD’s that have gone through the Blu-ray disc replication process, a customer does not need to worry about purchasing special cartridges to hold the hard coated disc. The Blue-ray disc can be used in the same manner as regular DVD’s and compact discs.

During the Blue-ray replication stages, a publisher or writer might want to place content protection on the Blu-ray disc. The Blu-ray disc offers some of the strongest methods of copy protection available today and it is suitable for use in any format. So whether you have a compact disc, DVD, or HD-DVD medium, the mandatory copy protection mechanisms that are built-in to every Blu-ray disc replication will be back up by a strict licensing procedure.

Many people who use the Blu-ray disc replication process for the products they sell choose to use the extra storage capacity on the Blu-ray disc to add special features that customers will be surprised to see when they use it for the first time. The extra capacity on the Blu-ray disc allows files to have room to expand, which gives a big boost to the high-definition picture quality on the DVD.

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